With the establishment of Urgence Marine in the Port of Montreal, bordering the biggest oil terminals in Quebec, we have a major presence regarding the Port’s environment. Providing a diversified range of services to federal ports of Quebec, our teams are regularly dispatched to the coast of one of the largest rivers in the world the St-Lawrence River. More specifically, we service to all the ports between Rimouski and Valleyfield. We also service to the Great Lakes when needed.
Our company has developed unique working techniques to better meet industrial demand. With the necessary facilities for waste reception, subject to the International Convention for the Prevention of Pollution from Ships (MARPOL), Urgence Marine offers customers a one-stop solution to meet their environmental commitments.
Having earned our reputation by achieving many successful projects, Urgence Marine is proud to offer a professional service performed by an experienced team to overcome the challenges of unpredictability often present in the marine industry.


Collection & Recycling of bilges, sludges & slops

Urgence Marine has specialized equipment to collect any contaminated product on vessels

More than 500 tons of storage capacity

Quality control that meet environmental standards

Treatment and disposal of contaminated cargo residue

Greywater/blackwater transport and disposal

Galley and Hazardous waste removal

Domestic and international waste removal (CFIA certified)

Hazardous waste management program aboard vessels

Certified for environmentally safe disposal of hazardous materials

Dunnage transport & disposal

Specialized equipment to collect any contaminated product on vessels

Emergency spill response

Oil spill clean-up

First Responder of the Canadian Coast Guard for over 20 years

Booming around ship

Specialized cleaning

Cargo hold (as per CFIA standards)

Engine room, tanks (hot work permits)

Steel plate, containers, machinery, deck, etc.

Ship de-icing

Transferring contents or securing damaged cargo containers

Recuperation of contaminated cargo residue water

Container rental

Marine equipment

Tugs and workboats

Barge rental

Booming around ship

Nautical safety watch keeper

Fresh water delivery

Linesman and supervision

Mooring and unmooring

Cargo loading/unloading supervision

Hose connection/disconnection

Coordination service

Available 24/7

Vessel tracking

Crew coordination